I have been a keen sportsman for as long as I can remember and had frequent visits to many a sports therapist. It was not until 1997 that I embarked on becoming one.

In 1997 I took Anatomy and Physical and Swedish Massage at West Kent College. In 1998 I went to London School of Sports Massage and qualified in 1999.

In 2002 I took a Back Core course which left me with more questions than answers. I looked into doing either physiotherapy or osteopathy but neither could answer the questions I had about back pain and other strain injuries.

Over a thousand books and articles and frequent visits to Switzerland and India later, in May 2010, I found the answer, MFIT was born.

That day I shall remember for the rest of my life…

From that day new muscle-fascia release techniques unique to MFIT combined with new found knowledge. Many conditions only need a few treatments , which using traditional methods which can take months of appointments. ie. frozen shoulders, back or knee pain and other sports injuries.

Western society is beset with abdominal and muscle-skeletal problems, due to their centre being out of balance. MFIT aims to help your body and find your centre