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Disc Degeneration

There are millions of people in Britain walking around with artificial knees and hips which are normally safe and effective…lets pause and think…WHY!? IS it because there is a massive industry built around treatment and not a cure before it gets to the replacement stage?

OK what is the main cause for hip and knee replacement and L4.L5 PROBLEMS – at MFIT we deal with the causes, the tensions which can lead to these problems. In my last blog i mention about how the psoas muscle is attached to the 5 lower vertebrae of our back. This is then attached to your thigh bone at the top femur. The psoas is a hip flexor so when sat down or curled up in bed it is in a shorten position – its opposing muscle is the glutes which become dominated and weaken.

When a muscle weakens other muscles must compensate, so when psoas dominates lower back muscles …..hamstring and tfl must work harder.

Inside the body is a 3d network web of fascia which surrounds all our muscles and internal organs and is a pathwayfor nerves. So when we hold tension, fascia can build either to help with nerve transmission or protect an area – knees, hips and others points which mfit work with. There are 28 main points of release. Using theses points people only need between 1-3 treatments .

Holding tension in joints can lead to degeneration of the joint, or in some cases, rheumatiod arthritis. These holding patterns can be avoided and we show how.