Crohns & IBS Investigation

Over the course of the next 3 months I will be conducting an investigation into the treating of Crohns disease and IBS/IBD in an effort to release and heal any existing problems with a view to devising my own 3 month treatment plan. With recent successes treating Reflux and Diverticulitis I have decided to cover some other challenging digestive ailments using my skills along with some products that I believe will remove harmful bacteria and help heal any existing internal scars. The investigation will incorporate 4 abdominal treatments for fascia release by myself free of charge, and the use of FLP Aloe Vera Gel and a UMF brand Manuka Honey over a 3 month period which will be supplied at cost (or for free if we can get an endorsement from the companies involved). Ideally the participants will live locally to Tonbridge or willing to travel there over a four week period for the abdominal fascia treatment. We will keeping our participants anonymous unless they wish to contribute to this blog along the way, and I will be sharing my findings with other professionals here and via social media. If you wish to take part please use the comments section below to put your name forward for the trial stating your location and type/length of illness.

                                                                                                   Thank you ~ Michael Sterling


4 thoughts on “Crohns & IBS Investigation

  1. I have/had ulcerative collitus and some 10 years ago had J-pouch surgery which involved the removal of my large intestine – as you expect i still have issues like pouchitus and a more than normal toilet routine. I am also type 1 diabetic!

    My son, 16, has recently been diagnosed with chrohns.

    The study sounds interesting – if we or either of us can help we live in Hildenborough


    Simon Eddy

  2. My sister in law was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease this year. She is 4 1/2 months pregnant. They recently installed a PICC line for direct steroidal infusion. I would love to see your full report and what we as a family can do to ease her pain and possible heal her.

  3. Hi Michael, I had a before and after massage with you yesterday at the DRS…amazing, thank you so much!

    I mentioned that my son (20) has Ulcerative Colitis…I’m interested to know how any research is going.

    P.S. I came first in my age group yesterday for the 6K! 🙂

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